Sarah Burkett: Owner, Lead Instructor

Sarah brings years of experience as an athlete to the members of Colonial CrossFit. She played a variety of team sports through out high school.  After becoming an all -american runner in middle distance events, she went  on to compete in track and field for James Madison University. At JMU is where Sarah first learned how to olympic lift during the strength portion of the middle distance program.  After college, Sarah volunteered her time as a track and field coach for both Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Minnesota. She has since raced semi-professionally in both track cycling and running as a member of Team Type 1, a racing team composed entirely of type 1 diabetics.  Jan 2014, Sarah helped form a team of all Type 1 diabetics that competed in SuperFit Delaware.  The team consisted of Tim Carroll (CrossFit 908), Larry Ford (CrossFit Transcend) and Catherine Cochran (Chantilly CrossFit) and was called Team Wildebeest.  The team finished 2nd place over all becoming the first all type 1 team to compete in a CrossFit competition.

Through CrossFit, Sarah has found another way to channel her athletic drive, quickly demonstrating that she is one of the most gifted athletes in the gym.


2014 SuperFit ECC pro invite

2015 SuperFit ECC pro invite


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Level 1 and 2 Pendlay Olympic weightlifting
  • Wilkes weight lifting seminar

Daniel Roberts: Instructor

Daniel lifting
A quick life history: Daniel Roberts was born on the planet of Krypton (otherwise known as Jasper, Alabama). He played high school football, basketball, and ran track (400m, 200m, 4x400m, and 4x100m). He was voted “Outstanding Senior Male Athlete” by his coaches and competed in all Intra-mural sports in college (there was no football team where he attended).

Daniel has been playing sports since the 1st grade. In college, he began to concentrate on Power-Lifting which he did for many years before CrossFit. He played one year of semi-pro football and was elected onto the Defensive All-Star team for the league in which he played (Glenn Coffee played in the same league). He has won second place in a few Power-Lifting meets and first place as a heavy-weight novice in the River City Strongman competition in September 2013.  He has competed in several Garage Games and SuperFit Competitions both individually and as part of a team. He is currently attempting to qualify for Nationals as a 94k Olympic Weightlifter.

Daniel came to CrossFit through a friend. He brings a wide range of athletic abilities and expertise to the gym, but notable are his abilities in power-lifting and the Oly-lifts. He is a minister and Ph.D. student.


  • Level 1 Certified

Height: 5’ 11”

Weight: 215 lbs


Bench Press: 365#

Squat: 440#

PushPress: 285#

Clean: 355#

C and J: 340#

Snatch: 250#

Deadlift: 595#

Front Squat: 390#

Brandon Roberson: Instructor


Brandon Roberson is a native to Richmond, VA. Though he lived in several other places throughout his life, Richmond is considered his home. Throughout his life, he has played several sports which include baseball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, but not until playing football was he introduced to the world of weightlifting. He joined the United States Air Force in 2005 and continued his passion for fitness and athletics by competing in road races including 5k runs and competitive ruck marching. It was in the military he was introduced to the world of Crossfit.

After separating from active service in 2009, Brandon met Jake Rowell and joined Crossfit RVA. In 2013, he began his work as an assistant Crossfit coach, and received his level 1 certification that December.

Brandon’s main skills lie in endurance, bodyweight, and technical movements which come from many years of performing under the watchful eye of Jake Rowell.


  • Level 1 certified
  • Brandon has competed in two Superfit competitions, and was asked to represent Crossfit RVA at the affiliate regional competition in Ohio in 2010.

Coach Eugenia

Eugenia was born in Managua, Nicaragua but grew up in Greensboro, NC. Eugenia’s artistic and athletic past include ballet, orchestra, and track.  She currently serves in the Army as an HR officer and is 9 months from completing her MS in Human Resource Management.   

Eugenia has been doing CrossFit since January of 2013 after a friend convinced her that it wasn’t that bad. Since then she has fallen in love with the sport and has not looked back once.  What she loves most about CrossFit is the community aspect of the sport and the constant encouragement from coaches and fellow athletes alike.  CrossFit has helped her become more confident in her abilities, has given her a sense of accomplishment, and has provided an avenue to leave the stresses of the day on the gym floor.  She hopes to be able to instill the same level of accomplishment and self confidence in those she has the privilege to coach. 

She completed the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer course and obtained her certificate in November 2013.  Eugenia is learning everything she can about coaching through working with the more experienced coaches. 


  • Level 1 
  • Wilkes Olymipc Seminar

Cindy Dunham



Cindy grew up in NW PA playing a variety of sports.  These included softball, soccer, basketball, cross country, and track and field.  She began to set records with running and earned a scholarship to James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA.  At JMU, she was an NCAA Div 1 East Coast Cross Country champion, a USA National qualifier in the steeplechase, made the All-NCAA SE Region Cross Country team, the CAA Silver Anniversary Cross Country team, and was awarded the JMU Sports Leadership Award.  She did a little Olympic and power lifting in college, but to a small extent.  She tagged along with Sarah to do the Memorial Day Murph at CrossFit RVA and has been hooked ever since.

Rob Wilson (bio soon)