Getting Started

Try A Free Workout

One of our trainers will take you through a preliminary session, where we’ll assess your current fitness level, address any issues, and of course run you through a CrossFit workout.


When beginning your Group Class Membership, you must begin in our “All Levels” classes before continuing to our CrossFit Group Classes. The All Levels class is focused on that extra instruction that speeds up the learning curve so that you can begin getting in great shape as soon as possible! Each class includes warm-up, instruction in typical CrossFit movements (weightlifting and bodyweight movements), and a workout, with special attention given to the needs of newcomers. This gives everyone the opportunity to begin CrossFit in a private/small group setting, where we will discuss and assess your fitness level, goals, and address any issues which may hamper your progress down the road.

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  • Show up 15 minutes early before any posted All Levels class to join. All membership paperwork will be filled out your first time in class.
  • Memberships range from 4 to 14 months (custom membership lengths available), and twice a week up to unlimited classes per week. Custom membership options are available for Military personnel.

Show up

You’ve already made the most important steps by deciding to make a commitment to your own fitness. Come to class and put in the effort, and we’ll provide the opportunity to excel.