Military/First Responder Services

Why choose our military/first responder services?

With our close proximity to Ft. Lee, and our years of strength and conditioning experience, it was a natural decision for us to provide services to those who put their performance to the test in real-life situations. CrossFit has always been a staple for for military, fire, and law enforcement units. We hope to continue that tradition by providing these groups not only a space to train, but the knowledge to do so in a safe and effective manner.

Services We Offer

  • 30% discount for all active/full-time military, fire, and LEO.
  • Free 1 hour introductory PT session at our facility

Other inquiries welcome; if there is a way we can help your unit, let us know.

Effective Training

With the rapid rise of CrossFit and it’s goal to reach high levels of functional fitness, many in the military, fire, and LEO communities are selecting it as their primary method of training. Unfortunately, this has resulted in inexperienced trainees selecting workouts that are too difficult and movements they are unfamiliar with. By training at our facility, you can know that:

  • Training sessions will be intelligently designed to address the needs of our members.
  • All workouts are scaled/adjusted to match the fitness level of our participants.
  • All members will be taught new/complex movements in a controlled environment to reduce the risk of injury.

Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get started at with us and take advantage of our discount, or to schedule a PT session for your unit at our facility.

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