2015 CrossFit Open


The Open is coming and it’s coming fast! Some of you know what the Open is as you did it last year for the first time. This year will be a good opportunity for those to see how they improved (esp in DU!). Those who have never done it, do it. It’s a great time with the gym and you get to see your yearly improvements. I will encourage most of you guys to enter the Open.

It’s a 5 weeklong competition, mostly in house we may travel to RVA for one or two events. It starts end of February early March.

Some of you are probably thinking I am not ready. Well, everyone is ready. You complete the movements you can and from there work on the ones you can’t. From now till end of February just take a little extra time to work on some of your weaknesses. It’s also time to start logging your progress. I know a bunch of you asked me for new CCF logbooks. I am looking into getting some more in the gym. For the mean time go grab a cheap book. Write your stuff down.

If you guys/gals want an Open prep course one Saturday let me know and we will do one. The class will go over all movements you most likely will see in the open and how to efficiently get them done.

Also there is a scaled Open (new to this year), a teenage open and a masters. Keep that in mind!