SuperFit ECC (East Coast Championships)


This week:  Feb 7-8th (Sat and Sunday) we have SuperFit ECC.

Friday we will not have a 7pm class.

Saturday there will be NO classes, Sunday NO yoga as we will have numerous teams competing in SuperFit.

Please if you are not competing, come out and support our fellow friends/athletes.  You can buy some spectator tickets at

Make sure if you buy them online before the 4th to put in there that you are will Colonial CrossFit.

If you are competing:  we will go over the WODs this week once they are released.  It would be best if you can come in with your teammate but if not no big deal.

We are proud of all of you!!!  Time to have some fun!  LETS GO CCF!

CCF teams/indv competing on Sat:  Ray (masters), Wagz (RX), Young Rob (pro div), Coach Sarah (pro div).

CCF teams/indv competing on Sunday:  Young Rob (pro), Coach Sarah (pro),  Novice:  Jessie, Dan Weeks, Wolfe, Cindy, Grace, Eugenia, Becky, Reebok Rob, Eric, Kitty, Stacy, Megan, Yada, Coon, Joe, Christine, Danny, Roddy, Justin, Will, Joce, Rodalia, Billy, Gabby, Sam, Gina, Larry, and RC.  GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!